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Index October 2018 BarberTech Steadipod 3 Bongo-Ties 14 Blackmagic 7 Cine Gear Expo Show Cover Duclos lenses 4 Gotham 5 Hoodman 13 Manios Digital & Film 16 Micro Dolly 9 Premier Studio Eq. 14 RRHarison Article 12 SMPTE 5 Ultraflat 2 VariZoom 13 From Robert's desk: Update: Summer is over and School is back in full swing, and we're cooling down fron a sweltering summer for Cailornia! haven't seen of felt heat like that since I moved back from Arizona! Have a safe Halloween! Publisher & Editor: Robert Christy Industry Consultant: Robert Caspari Product and Movie Reviews Editor: Robert Render Harrison In-Sync P u b l i c a t i o n s 8 0 0 K n o b H i l l A v e n u e R e d o n d o B e a c h C A 9 0 2 7 7 Tel: (310) 543-9045/Fax: (310) 543-9035 E-mail: Website: For advertising rates, please see our website. Scratched or dinged lenses? Ultraflat restores damaged lenselements. Free inspection service to see if your lens can be successfully restored. We also make true flats (optically invisible) and windows. Ultraflat (818) 884-0184. Robert New Digital Issue 2

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