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2 INDEX Alan Gordon Sale! 9,11 Barbertech 12 Band-Pro SALE! 10 Bongo-Ties 2,6 Cine Gear Expo 2013 Cover CineTech USA FilmTools Back page Film Making 101 11 Gotham 9 In-Sync (Info) 19 Micro Dolly 8 NAB Show 5 Otto Nemenz 4 Oppenheimer cine 2 Porta Jib 18 Professional Sound Ser 8 Resource Video 3 RRHarison Article 13,14 Stone Cinema. 7 Ultraflat 3 From Robert's desk Our Son Nicholas is in his 4th week of Navy Boot Camp in Chicago IL. He called last week to say hi and tell us how he was doing and how cold it is! 14 I said well, please pray for the sun to come out when we get there March 27th for your graduation! We may be froze solid by the time we get to the Ship! As I said before don't miss a Military Graduation! It's one of the neatest dis play of achievements to behold for our young soldiers. A year ago his brother graduated I'm sure you may have read about it here? Yes, were doing it again! Were so proud of you Nicky Robert "Check Out" >ÀÌÞJ««V>°VÊÊUÊÊ«\ÊÓäÈ{ÈÇnÈÈÈÊÊUÊÊÌÊvÀii\ÊnÇÇ{ÈÇnÈÈÈ 4VUP[VY@VRL4V\U[ 6W[PTV*HYY`/HUKSLZ 4HJYV3LUZLZ TT3LUZLZ /+.YPW:L[Z 4PJYVMVYJL7HUOHUKSLZ We moved into the 21 Century" In-Sync Has gone digital http://insync flipbook/ Check it out! 3ULFHGWR6HOO 6WDUWLQJDW :HKDYHIRUVDOHDOLPLWHGVXSSO\RI $/$1*25'21 HQWHUSULVHV 0HOURVH$YH+ROO\ZRRG&$FRQWDFWXV#DODQJRUGRQFRP 0RWLRQ3LFWXUH(TXLSPHQW5HQWDOV6DOHV6HUYLFH 3XUFKDVH,QFOXGHV 0LWFKHOO%DVHZLWK7LH'RZQ (XUR7RS3ODWHZLWK453ODWH +DQGOH &DVH 9LHZRQOLQH DWRXUH%D\6WRUH VWRUHVHED\FRPDODQJRUGRQHQWHUSULVHV %)/8,'+($'6 86(' ARE YOU LOOKING FOR 65MM CAMERAS?WE HAVE MANY IN STOCK! CALL FOR INFORMATION WE MFG. PL LENS MOUNTS FOR NEWER & OLDER LENSES. WE CAN REBARREL YOUR STILL LENSES CALL FOR QUOTE S T O N E C I N E M A E N G I N E E R I N G ( 6 6 1 ) 2 4 2 - 8 4 9 0 F A X ( 6 6 1 ) 2 4 2 - 1 9 7 3 C E L L ( 8 0 5 ) 3 5 8 - 2 8 0 2

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