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INDEX January 2018 Alan Gordon Sale! 8 Adolph Gasser 16 Barber Tech 4 Bongo-Ties 14 Blackmagic 8 Cine Gear Expo Show 3 Robert Caspari 9 Duclos lenses 11 Gotham 7 John Leeward cam 5 Micro Dolly 12 NAB Show 2016 Otto Nemenz 5 Premier Studio Eq. 14 RRHarison Article 12 Stone Cinema 4 Ultraflat 2 VariZoom Back page From Robert's desk: Happy New Year! Well, 2017 went quick! Max is out of the Navy, Nicholas signed up for another four years. I hope he can transfer a little closer. that would be a nice change! we all missed him and his sister, Brittney, Christmas day, which she's in N.D. with a 20 degrees! Crap that's cold. I hope everyone had a nice holiday! It's back to work, for most! Publisher & Editor: Robert Christy Industry Consultant: Robert Caspari Product and Movie Reviews Editor: Robert Render Harrison In-Sync P u b l i c a t i o n s 8 0 0 K n o b H i l l A v e n u e R e d o n d o B e a c h C A 9 0 2 7 7 Tel: (310) 543-9045/Fax: (310) 543-9035 E-mail: Website: For advertising rates, please see our website. Scratched or dinged lenses? Ultraflat restores damaged lenselements. Free inspection service to see if your lens can be successfully restored. We also make true flats (optically invisible) and windows. Ultraflat (818) 884-0184. Robert 2 $PHULFD¶V9LGHR$FFHVVRU\0DQXIDFWXUHU

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