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In-Sync Magazine September 2017 SINCE 1988 STONE CINEMA ENGINEERING PHONE: (661) 242-8490 CELL: (805) 358-2802 FAX: (661) 242-1973 EMAIL: STONECINE@GMAIL.COM ASK FOR KEN 65MM CAMERAS New Mitchell AP Fries R. mirror conv 5P 35,000. Mitchell AP beam splitter 5P Pkg. 13,500. Mitchell Todd/Fries conv. 8P 12,500. Mitchell FC Fries beam splitter conv. 5P 12,500. Mitchell AO Todd rackover 8P 8,500. 35mm CAMERAS 35R3 Mitchell / Fries Rotory mirror conv. Lynx motor , Tap, mags 3500. 35R Mitchell /Fries beam splitter , Lynx motor, tap, mags 3500. Mitchell GC rackover H.S., Nikon mt., mags REBURBISHED 3,000. Bell & Howell 2709 5,000. Old Antique Cameras CALL Equipment Servicing: Lenses, Cameras, Custom Machining, Lens Mounts, Gears. Free Estimates Rental Equpiment LENSES Zeiss /Contax H.S 1.4 primes BNCR mt. 25mm, 35mm,50mm,85mm 10,500. Super Baltars 20,25,35 &50mm PL Mt. 35,000. Kowas 20-25-32-40mm PL Mt. 30,000. Arri/Zeiss T2.1- 16mm (24mm Canon T 1.6) 32,50 &85mm (New Rehoused)PL Mt. 16,500. Kinoptik 9.8mm PL Mt. 3,800. Canon 14mm T2.8 PL Mt. 4,500. 135mm Zeiss Sonnar BNCR Mt. 3,500. 180mm Zeiss Sonnar BNCR mt. 3,500. 15mm Zeiss Distagon BNCR mt. 4,200. Zeiss 28mm T2 Distagon BNCR mt. 2,650. 105mm Nikkor micro PL mt. 2,950. New 180mm T2.8 Zeiss PL mt. 4,000. 300mm Lenses PL mts. 1,500. to 3,000. Angenieux 25-250mm zoom lens PL mt. 3,500. 2X lens ext. BNCR & PL mts. 750. Baltars Kowas Cookes Call for price ACCESSORIES Worral heads 3,500. 35mm Arri IIC mags 400. 35mm BL mags 400' 1000' 600. Mitchell mags 350. Tilt plate 400. Mitchell BNCR prop housing 1,000. Mitchell BNCR Techniscope 2 perf kit 1,000.

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